Monday, 30 July 2012

July favourites

-Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-in-one B.B. cream- Too Faced Naked Eye palette-Victoria's Secret Love Spell fragrance mist-Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray-Topshop Nails in Day Dream-No7 Exceptional Definition mascara-Bourjois Bronzing Powder(chocolate bronzer)- MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural and Shimmer-Real Techniques Buffing brush,Contour brush & Pointed Foundation brush-Bobbi Brown Corrector-No7 High Shine SPF15 lipgloss in Happy- MAC lipstick in Angel-Max Factor Lipfinity topcoat-

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-in-one B.B. cream- I bought this absolutely ages ago back when it first launched in the UK. At the time I was quite into medium-full coverage foundation (former big fan of Estee Lauder's Double Wear) so I didn't really take to it. I found it was way too light coverage for me. But after re-booting my whole make-up routine after falling in love with light coverage after trying MAC Face and Body, I decided to give it another go. After one day of using this, I fell completely in love with it. It's such an easy product to use as I don't need the whole moisturiser-primer-foundation routine, I can just squeeze a pea-sized amount onto my Real Techniques Buffing brush and buff it into my entire face. It just looks so natural and my skin looks glowing and radiant. As it isn't much coverage I have to touch up a few blemishes with a dab of concealer but I much prefer doing this rather than having heavy coverage where it isn't needed, as the majority of my skin is really clear at the moment.

Too Faced Naked Eye palette- This is the perfect neutral eye palette for me. I adore almost every shade in this and they are just so soft and easily to blend. I purchased this at a blog sale for the bargain price of £10! This has been compared to Urban Decay's Naked palette but being a bit tight on the amount of money I'm willing to spend on eye shadow (as I don't get much use out of it really), I thought this was a cheaper alternative to a neutral eye look.

Victoria's Secret Love Spell fragrance mist- This could be classed as a bit of a cheat on the monthly favourites as I only bought this last week but I absolutely adore it, I've used it every day since I bought it and I can tell it will be a firm favourite of mine for a long time. This smells absolutely gorgeous. I went to the new Victoria's Secret in London on Wednesday, it is such a gorgeous shop! I persuaded myself that I didn't need the full size bottle due to my over flowing basket of pretty pink underwear but I'm now gutted that I didn't buy the full sized bottle as I love it so much- boo! It says the scent is cherry blossom and peach, I think the smell of peach is stronger than cherry blossom as it smells so sweet and fruity. It's a scent for girls that love really sweet fruity scents as my Mum can't stand it as she's into musky scents. I prefer wearing body mists/spritzs in the summer months as it is so much lighter and fresher.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray- I got this mini in a bride make-up set last summer which I bought for my prom make-up. I completely forgot I had this but once I remembered it has become a firm favourite this month. With Britain finally sorting itself out and giving us some much loved sunshine, this has been a must at preventing my make-up from melting and for freshening it up throughout the day. I was tempted to buy the Caudalie beauty elixir as everyone has been talking about it, but after enjoying this I think I might just buy the big size of this one.

Topshop Nails in Day Dream- Another cheat, oops! I bought this last week in London's Topshop. I have to say I was so dissapointed with the make-up section in the Oxford Street Topshop. I haven't been in there since Topshop started doing make-up so I was expected big things. It had a much better selection than the Cardiff branch but I was expecting it to be huge:( Despite that, this nail polish is amazing. I'm ashamed to say that this is my first Topshop nail polish, I've wanted one for so so long after lusting after the shades I've seen on various blogs but never actually got round to buying one. The photo of this colour definitely does not do it justice. It's a gorgeous bubblegum pink that will be a firm favourite of mine.

No7 Exceptional Definition mascara- I ended up getting this free last month in a freebie set that came with an no7 offer that my Mum bought. I absolutely love this mascara. As my eye lashes are naturally quite long and have quite a curl to them, this just defined, lengthened and curled them perfectly. It has a finer part on one side of the wand and the other is bigger. I use the bigger bristles on my top lashes and the finer, shorter ones on my bottom lashes. I have to be careful with putting mascara on my bottom lashes as they are sooo long and can look stupidly doll-like if I coat the whole length of them. But the wand of this puts the perfect amount on them- it defines them but doesn't lengthen them too much. I got this mascara in the shade Brown/Black, I usually go for black mascaras just for the fact that it's what I'm used to, but I'm glad I got given this shade as it looks more natural than my other mascaras but still defines them enough.

Bourjois Bronzing Powder(chocolate bronzer)- I got this absolutely ages ago before I discovered the art of contouring. I previously used it as an overall bronzer whilst on holiday. It was soon forgotten about when I purchased Sleek contour kit, but after a while of using that I found that it was too muddy for my skin tone. After trying this on my contour with Real Techniques contour brush, I am in love with using this as a contour and occasionally, an all over bronzer.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural and Shimmer- I've spoken about this previously so I won't go into it in much detail unless you would like a full in-depth review. I adore using the powder side to set my foundation as I find it isn't cakey at all and leaves a lovely finish to the skin without making it too matte. I use my Real Techniques Buffing brush to buff the powder into the areas where I need which is my t-zone. I love using the shimmer as a cheekbone highlight. I brush it along my cheekbone with Real Techniques contour brush. I also use the Real Techniques Pointed foundation brush with the powder side to set my under eye area.

Bobbi Brown Corrector- This is amazing for dabbing on my dark under-eye circles as it just brightens my whole eye. When I first started using this I didn't notice much difference, but if I go without it my dark circles are so much more noticeable. I dab this on with my finger after warming it up on the back of my hand. I then blend it in gently with my ring finger.

No7 High Shine SPF15 lip gloss in Happy- I used to absolutely adore lip glosses but after becoming a lipstick convert I threw out most, if not all of my lip glosses as they had just gone gunky and sticky- gross! I was after a lip gloss to wear over MAC's Angel lipstick, this is the perfect one. It has a subtle pink/peach colour, but it isn't too pigmented. I adore wearing this over either Mac's Shy Girl or Angel.

Max Factor Lipfinity topcoat- I had two of these given to me by my boyfriend's grandma as she uses the Lipfinity lipstick but doesn't use the balm/topcoat. I love using this over slightly drying lipsticks, it just gives a touch of moisture. I don't really like really glossy lips if I'm wearing a bright colour but I don't like them to be really matte either so a tiny bit of this over it gives a nice sheen. I'm not sure if you can buy these separately but I have two on the go at the moment and although there isn't much product, a little goes a long way. One thing I wish I could change to this product is that it is doesn't have a really nice scent and it is tasteless. The scent is neither pleasant nor unpleasant, it is barely noticeable. I think that a fruity/sweet scent would add a touch of luxury to this product. I adore swiping this across my lips over MAC's Impassioned which I have reviewed here.

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  1. Hi Hun, I just found your blog and I'm obsessed with it! I love the real tecniques brushes too, aren't they amazing! Following your blog now!:D xx

    1. Thank you very much :) They are so beautiful! I honestly didn't think I would love brushes as much as I do with these! I need to get them all haha!xx


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