Sunday, 5 August 2012

MAC Angel lipstick

-photo taken with flash-
There's a lot of hype around MAC lipsticks. Personally, I love them. I think the colour range is amazing and every lipstick that I have treated myself to has been really good quality. The favourite shade of MAC's that I own is Angel.

Angel is a frost finish which I was a bit sceptical of at first as I have heard that frost lipsticks aren't the best of MAC's but I adore the colour so I decided to give it a go. Being a huge Kardasian fan, the fact that it is Kim Kardashian's favourite lipstick didn't persuade me either, I promise.

The shade is described as a 'soft pink' on the MAC website. The thing I like most about this lipstick is that it isn't nude, as I don't think nude lipsticks suit me at all. But neither is it pink, it's a muted light pink that doesn't make me look ghostly. It's pink enough not to be a pale nude, but nude enough to use it as an everyday lipstick.

-Photo taken without flash-
Here is a swatch-

I really like wearing this on it's own or wearing it with No7 lipgloss in 'Happy', mentioned here.

MAC Angel on it's own

MAC Angel with No7 High Shine lipgloss in 'Happy'
Overall, this is my favourite pale pink lipstick in my ever growing collection. There will definitely be a repurchase on the cards after this is used up as I have been using it almost everyday since I purchased it.

Have you tried Angel? What's your favourite MAC lipstick shade?

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