Thursday, 20 September 2012

Benefit Watts Up highlighter

I seem to have become obsessed with highlighters recently. To be honest, highlighting like primer was just another step in my make-up routine that I rarely did out of pure laziness. But after digging out my mini bottle of Benefit High Beam, it has become a vital step in my routine to the point that my face doesn't look 'right' or 'done' without it. Highlighter just leaves such a natural glow and can completely change your make-up look- that's if you find the right one of course.

I picked this little beauty up off a blog sale, so it was quite heavily discounted. I really do recommend checking out blog sales for high end make-up before you take the plunge because you can find some amazing bargains! I always have a scan of the #bbloggers hashtag on twitter to see if anyone has tweeted about one, as this is usually how people broadcast them.

The love I have for this highlighter is indescribable. I wanted it ever since I spotted it in one of Tanya Burr's make-up tutorials- which are gorgeous by the way. It's the most gorgeous champagne colour that leaves a subtle glow to my face which I love.

Here's a swatch- (I swatched it quite heavily so the colour showed up properly on camera)
 The highlighter has a sponge smudger/blender whatever you want to call it on the other side, which to be honest, I don't like. I think it picks up product rather than blending it. I much prefer blending it in gently with my fingers. If I want it to look a lot more natural, I dab my Mac 130 stippling brush into the highlighter and buff onto my cheek bones for a more subtle look. I also think the packaging to this is gorgeous.
I think most people's gripe with this will be that it cannot be mixed with your foundation or moisturiser but for me this isn't really a problem as I have other highlighters that I like doing that with.

Sorry for the awful quality of pictures, it was dark but I really wanted to post :( 

Have you tried Benefit Watts Up? What is your favourite highlighter? Recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


  1. It's a fabulous highlighter, I totally agree -it blends super easily too!

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  2. never tried it but i love their high beam!


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