Monday, 29 April 2013

Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm- my thoughts

There is a time in your life when something amazing happens. Despite having the world's worst day ever imagined, I came home to this little beauty in my post box. It was love at first application.

Having never ever tried a lip balm like this consistency-wise as it is quite thick, I've always gone for light lip balms to apply through the day, I was quite intrigued to try this out. I was looking for a balm that was nourishing enough to use in my night time skincare routine- and I've found the perfect one. 

The smell is actually amazing. It smells like lemons but not in a artificial and cheap way. The scent is very delicate and I really like it. The balm itself, as I said earlier, is thick in consistency but it does blend evenly when applied to the lips. You only need a tiny bit to nourish your lips amazingly so I can tell this will last for ages as it is quite a big pot!

Now I have wanted this for a very long time and previously I thought that £9.50 was a bit excessive for a lip balm. But now I have it, I can definitely say that I will be repurchasing this when it runs out because it is amazing quality and you get a lot of product for the price. A regular lip balm, for example a Korres Lip butter retails at £8.00 for 6g. Nuxe Reve de Miel is £9.50 for 15g so the value for money is really good.

I apply this before bed and by the time I wake up, my lips are still really nourished and soft. I don't feel the need to use lip balm before every lipstick I apply now, which I had to do before as my lips were quite dry. My lips feel in a much better condition now and I don't know what I'd do without it now- slightly dramatic but you get the point. 

I've been going a bit lip balm mad recently, what are your favourites?


  1. Oooh this sounds amazing! I thought it was expensive too, but I didn't think twice buying one of the Korres lipbutters for half the contents! Fantastic review lovely xxxx

    1. It's definitely worth the money, it will last ages! Thank you lovely

  2. I was sceptical when I was reading so many things about this, however I did buy it in desperation as nothing was helping my chapped lips. I'm so so glad I purchased this and I can guarantee I will re-buy it unless something even better comes along; I think it is a fantastic product :)

    Amy xx
    A Little Boat Sailing

    1. It really is worth the hype that it has been getting isn't it :)

  3. I have been dying to try it and I just ordered it!
    I can't wait to write a review, everyone has been loving it.


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